October 21, 2021

Hi guys, I have invested in “VIP” programs before perfecting my own systems for choosing winning wagers.

I have tracked so many programs, and many (most) do not work. I have been frustrated by paying for losing programs. I have created an ongoing profit since I started, and I am happy to share my success. And I only ask that you TIP me rather than pay monthly with no guarantees.

Here is how it works, if I win money for you give me a TIP for the advice


Without these specials, our VIP Packages are $50.00 per month, $125.00 for three months, $200.00 for six months and $350 for twelve months.

For any questions email at joeysvipwagers@gmail.com



My story has different twists and turns that allow you to win money off my selections.

My father is 40-years-older than me and is basically a dreamer which included letting me follow my dream in any activity I choose. Well as you can imagine wagering was not part of my childhood.

As a Canadian, it started as Hockey, but the knowledge of my likely height had my Dad turn me to Golf quickly.

So you are still wondering where did wagering come into it?

Well I had a successful career and we spent tons and I mean tons of time in the car travelling to Golf Tournaments all over North America. Around the age of 16, my Dad introduced me to Sports Wagering. Over the Next Five Years, I soaked in all the knowledge he had.

Unfortunately, my Dad had been like many people I meet today did not win at Sports Wagering. A serious injury in 2019 sidelined my Golf Career and the COVID hit in early 2020.

I took this opportunity to study everything I could including partnering with a Mentor from Las Vegas. An older man loved that a young person had an aspiration to be a professional handicapper.

With all the sports shut down, I used the time to become a top professional player. I immediately started winning when sports returned, but I did not have much money to bet after all the expenses of a golf career.

For fun, I started posting my picks on Twitter, and I was hot. As with all work, you can’t keep doing it for FREE, so I developed my VIP CLUB so special paid followers will get my best wagers each DAY. That’s right, you win the money, and I do all the work.

What You Will Get

Money! Time with the Family! Private number of your Travel Agent!

Nights out on the town with significant others!

A personal contact to not only get selections but to have discussions on Twitter.

Quit your job and enjoy the life of a Professional Handicapper without being one!

Customer Feedback

You are a wizard, you are undefeated since I started following you!! Russ

Joey thanks you are true professional in services keep the winners coming. Nick

Please follow my Man Joey he is on fire. Jay

Joey is a machine he swept his picks on Thanksgiving. @overandundergirl