October 17, 2021


You might say I look too young to be talking wagering and providing selections, well maybe but read below. 

I had a very successful Golf Career and turned Pro at 16 years-old. Getting close to qualifying for the PGA Tour, it suddenly ended because of injury. I have put in the same effort and time to be even more successful as a professional gambler in my second career. 

After spending 6 to 8 hours a day practicing and playing Golf, I transitioned my passion for sports wagering and has exhibited the same skill as I showed in Golf

Playing for myself over the last 12 months with little money to invest, I felt more pride if I could provide my selections to other people looking to make extra money or a whole new second living. 

Now you will be able to access my selections for FREE, my knowledge from reading and watching videos of Mentors I have connected with, I am comfortable sharing this info. We are talking about 40+ hours per week over the past year, learning my craft. 

Last winter, I spent six months in Vegas while I rehabbed the injury. We got a ton of time to spend in Mandalay Bay’s sportsbook, a short drive from the hotel. There we met a couple of sports veterans who took me under their wing and gave me a ton of tips they learned over their lifetime. 

Although only 23-years-old you might say I am more like 40 with the amount of Sports Wagering information I have garnered. 

I have spent a lot of time in sportsbooks, and I know the value of a TIP. Therefore I will deliver all my wagers for FREE, and I hope you will provide a TIP based on how much my selections make for you.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you.